Employee management lies at the heart of an organization’s structure. Poor employee management may result in the complete failure of an organization, or an inability to attain its goals. In this article, we will identify the five most common employee management mistakes that you should avoid. We will lay down a list of ways you can do so. Furthermore, we will also explore if you can use an employee monitoring application such as XNSPY to avoid these mistakes.

1. Micromanagement

Micromanagement is a serious problem that can hurt employee morale and productivity. It refers to a set of behaviors that involve excessive and close monitoring of the employees and their work. Micromanagement is a common problem because many managers do not realize they are doing it. Similarly, attention to detail and close participation believed to be apparent virtues in the workplace.

As a result, micromanagement frequently goes unaddressed. An important reason why micromanagement is harmful is that it can undermine an employee’s self-esteem as it represents a lack of trust in their abilities and dedication to the task. Some ways to avoid this mistake include providing a clear set of guidelines on the task, expected results, and the time-frame the task should be performed. In other words, encourage responsibility and your team the liberty to perform tasks the way they think is best.

2. Poor communication

According to a study, poor communication cited as the second most common reason why employees chose to quit their jobs.

Poor communication not only refers to a lack of communication but miscommunication as well. There are several reasons why poor communication is harmful. It can lead to missed deadlines, stress, a sense of uncertainty, and even outright resentment. As a result, employee morale and productivity decline, and your company are affected.

There are different things you can take to improve communication. Be clear, consistent, and predictable in the manner you approach your team. Be patient in clarifying any confusion. This is important because each individual is different so that communication can require an extra effort.

Swiftly inform employees if anything changes, confirm that your team members understand, and avoid assuming that they do. Excellent communication also requires good listening skills, so give your team members the space to speak up and listen carefully.

3. Lack of direction

Lack of direction

This problem ties in directly with the previous one. In fact, according to a recently-cited study, a lack of direction found to be the number one reason why employees chose to quit their jobs.

A sense of direction not only revolves around daily tasks, or long-term goals of the organization but also includes providing a direction to your team about their career trajectory. In other words, employees need to feel that they are a part of the organization’s journey and grow in tandem as the organization progresses. If your team members lack direction, they will not be motivated to continue working.

They will also require a sense of attachment with the organization, with a limited dedication to tasks. In the end, your organization will bear the brunt of the cost.

4. Excessive seriousness

Leading a team to achieve the organization’s goal is not an easy task by any means. It requires dedication and commitment. However, that dedication can also come across as excessive seriousness regarding work.

Employees spend a significant part of their daily life at work, so excessive seriousness over the long term can cause burnout. Revaluate how you are interacting with your team, and how often they have moments to enjoy time with colleagues. Take your team out on lunch, create space in your office where they can have a light-hearted conversation.

5. Lack of adaptability

Lack of adaptability

Adaptability is an important soft skill that managers need to lead their team and organization successfully. A lack of adaptability can stifle innovation because there is little room to experiment. It can similarly explain the inability to recognize changing social norms, employee expectations, and public consumption trends.

Be adaptable in your policies regarding employees. For example, millennial workers prefer organizations that offer a better work-life balance. This can involve remote working or unconventional hours, or being open to changing working patterns or how you relate to your team.

You can introduce simple policy changes to avoid these mistakes. However, you can also use an employee monitoring app to improve your chances of success. Let’s review the features offered by one of the top employee monitoring apps and see how you can use the software in your favor.


XNSPY is a sophisticated employee monitoring app that offers several important features to meet your employee management needs. Here are some of the salient features offered by the app.

Call logging: You can use the app to monitor all calls made to and from the device. You can also view a list of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls too. This is a handy feature if you wish to avoid conflict issues such as workplace harassment.

SMS and social media monitoring: You can monitor all messages as well. This can include messages exchanged via apps such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and others. You can use this feature to stay on top of all communications within the organization. This helps to avoid micromanagement and improve communication.

Location tracking: You can monitor the location of the device in real-time. You can also view GPS location history as well. This feature is especially handy if your work revolves around transport and logistics.

Remote control: You can remotely control the device. View a list of installed apps, lock the device, and delete all data from the device.

Instant alerts: XNSPY can send you instant alerts as well. Just add a contact or a specific word to the app’s watch list, and it will alert you if anything happens related to it.

XNSPY is flexible and affordable. It is compatible with both Android and iOS-devices. The basic version of the app costs USD 4.99 per month, while the premium version comes in at USD 7.49/month.

These features are valuable in terms of both monitoring what your workforce is doing and avoiding the mistakes above. Nevertheless, it is necessary to create sure that your team is board before you use a monitoring app. Following local laws and ethical guidelines is of paramount importance.

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